Dialogue:Evil Me Hates Me

Last week I was so unhappy over something that I did not know. May be I was not that unaware. I knew why I was so gloomy, but I was trying my best to cheat myself. I tried my best to make myself believe that there was nothing wrong. But I failed. As a result there was some funny dialogue conversation between me and evil me. Here it is:

Me: Why am I so sad.

Evil Me: This guy who is sitting in front of you is the reason.

Me: What did he do?

Evil Me: He doesn’t treat you well. Whenever you try to have a little friendly conversation with him, he ignores you. I think he doesn’t like you.

Me: (This made me rueful) I hate him too. Why on earth he would dislike me. What harm did I do to him?

Evil Me: Yea, and not even him. The whole world hates you. (Evil me had an evil grin).

Me: I hate the whole world too. What does the world think of itself? Huh, I hate you world. (I screamed inside).

Evil Me: If you want to try your luck why don’t you try to ping people over skype. I am dead sure they would entertain you well, only if they care. (despite of the busiest hour of the day @work).

Me: Yea, I should give it a try. I am sure I am not that bad. And this guy, and those guys are a moron who dislike me (at this point I was cent percent sure that everyone in office had only one agenda, that is, to hate me).

The next few series of events at skype went like this:

Me: (To one of my favorite friend) Hey howdy??

Favorite Friend: Hey… !! I am good. You tell?

Me: I am fine (a lie). Wass up?

Favorite Friend: Nothing much. Hey dude, I am little stuck at office and then I have a meeting. Later then.

Me: okie dokie.

Evil Me pops in.

Evil Me: See the world doesn’t even want to talk to you.

Me:  Yea, you are right. But wait he was busy, let me talk to someone else.

Then I picked up some random friend from my skype’s list.

Me: Hey jigger. Kaisa hai? (how are you).

No reply.

Me: (really desperate) there?

Still no reply.

Me: (more desperate) let me know when you are there.

Still no response.

Evil Me: hahahahhahah

Me: Shutup you, a me, ahhh whoever you muffin Evil Me. I don’t want to live anymore. I am going to die. But wait why I should die. The whole world should die.

I was pretty upset on knowing that the whole world hates me, dislikes me and doesn’t care for me. I really thought that this was end of the world, and I decided I would follow “No first ping” policy from now onwards. But then suddenly my phone bell rang.

Phone Bell: tring… tring… tring..

Oh this was mom.

Me: Hey Mom, As’salam o Alaikum

Mom: Wa Alaikum’mus Salam wa Rehmatullah. How are you?

Me: Mom a little upset (Can’t lie to mom). You tell.

Mom: Hey why upset.

Me: Nothing mom, just here and there. Everything okay, called for some reason?

Mom: Yea, just felt like talking to you so called you up.

And then me and mom talked for few more minutes, nothing important at all. But after I hung up the phone, I was feeling awesome and my moral was elevated like anything.

I looked at my skype and there were 5 or more friends saying me hello. (enough prove to show Evil Me, that people do care for me.)

I was not hating anyone anymore, including myself. Though the guy sitting in front of me was still as irritating as he was.

Life was beautiful again, and life is not that ruthless anyways. So in case someone evil from inside or outside, tries to make you feel bad, sad, gloomy or hateful. Snub him before he overcomes.

Have a nice weekend guys and a happy dappy start of week to us in gulf 🙂


Little Lamb: A Childhood Story

One fine evening, my mama forbade me to watch my favorite cartoon show. I was angry and an unhappy kid at that moment. How could my mama be so cruel? Though it was a night before my exams but still luxury of watching cartoon shows should not be taken away, because when luxury becomes a routine it’s no more a luxury. It’s a necessity. Alas, my mama did not know that.

So I had no other options except to shutoff television and open my books. But I could not let it go. So, I uttered… “Whatever you do to others, does that repeat to you?” I inquired my siblings who were elder to me… and had a little interest in the cartoons.

Looking at me in astonishment they nodded their heads and affirmed my inquiry.

And me without having any predictability of the future, made a statement.
“When I will grow up, I will not let mama watch Thunder Cats either.”

I love you mom 🙂

While passing through the green field,
where meadow has a shadow,
and sun was about to sleep,
I saw birds moving back to home,
and the flock ran to rest,
hey wait mama, the poor lamb said.
His trembling little limbs,
fear in the voice,
and I could see tears in his eyes.

He was left behind his parents,
and the flock did not care,
alone in the valley,
even greenery looked so scary,
the sky turned black,
I doubted its existence,
no stars in the sky,
and moon was away that night.

The little lambkin screamed,
but his mama could not hear,
she could not see the kid disappear.

Wolves started to howl,
the lust glittered their eyes,
lamb looked at them in surprise.
And this all was so spooky,
the lambkin wished it was a dream,
he cried, shouted and shed the tears,
and woke up where his mama was combing his hair.