Intoxicated:The Kid Inside

Catch it, catch it. The kids were shouting and dancing around the poor uncooked and alive fowls. The hens would run for their life but one of them would have to sacrifice hers. Either of the lad would always catch one. Today was a no exception. A kiddo with shinny eyes and evil grin caught the golden brown healthy hen. He received his medal of honor in the form of claps by other sweet peers. They were mischievous but still very adorable.

Who doesn’t miss his or her childhood? So do I. I never thought I would be old and mature, and would snub my beautiful history as a child. It was so fun being a toddler. I could pick nose in public and everyone would still kiss me on cheeks. Now I am twenty five plus, few years left to cross the decade line. And believe me; I am not scared to die. But I am scared to death to get old and feeble. Yet, it was gorgeous to be feeble and not old 🙂

When I see really old people I am even scared. The bleaching hair, weakening eyesight, lesser stamina, lesser energy and fears of everything; being old is hard. No wonder people in history were so keen to find a potion so that they can always live younger. The people of today need it even bad. If anyone finds it, please share. I would take the doze twice to get back to the age of innocence, “when wounded knees were better than the bruised hearts”.

But, no one can help it. God, The Creator and Sustainer has come up with this system. He is all knowing and no one can match His wisdom. He wants us to grow old and finally return to Him; the life cycle. So that He can shower his endless blessings on us. He is Beneficent and Merciful, and I really hope He would forgive me despite of all my mistakes and laziness. And I am so thankful to Him that He has given me the heart of a kid. I hope I remain the same until I die in initial phase of this world.

I still love cartoons, I still like to prick balloons, and I would eat ice cream even when my throat won’t allow. The best, I would take chocolates as a bribe. I am a kid by nature; I don’t want to grow up. Though can’t help with growing old and getting bald … but trust me I am a responsible kid 🙂

if heart is bruised
tears would soon dry
exhale the gloom
smile, let’s hi fi

you are responsible
you are cute
very adorable, and you understand your roots
so cheer up
lets eat chocolates
remember the fudge
just keep faith
its only a phase
would soon be gone
but the kid once dead
would never be back home
so let him cry
i know maturity would defy
but the kid inside, never let him die!