The Blazing Sun: Racism Redefined

“Hey Ahmed! Can I please ask you something?”

“Sure Martin. Go ahead.”I replied.

And Martin asked. “Where are you from?”

Looking at Martin in a bit of confusion I told him that I was from Pakistan.

“Ah, too sad.” Martin sighed.

“Excuse me, what do you mean?” said I. I thought he was disturbed on knowing the country I was from. But guess what, he still asked me another question.

“But don’t you have another passport, may be from Australia, UK, US or Canada?”

“No Martin. I don’t. But why?” I was bewildered.

“This is the best place to work in. But only if you have a right passport.” Martin explained.

I didn’t really get that for the couple of days. But very quickly I learnt what Martin meant.

I knew that racism is the discrimination or intolerance of people of other races, but I learnt that people can be tolerant to other races, only if someone from the other race is ready to sacrifice its own culture, beliefs, heroes, attire and a bit of this and a lot of that. The best way a person can make this sacrifice and become part of the superior race is, by changing his nationality. Yes, the sacred passport. It defines and re-defines your pay scale, your living style, your respect, honor and esteem. It may also define if you deserve peace.

Well under the new belief system; racism is not always the color of your skin. It can be the color of your passport too.

I thought
Now I would be heard
Would be listened
Will be given
Will have the life
Will have the words to share
I can speak
Won’t be teased
Would be allowed
My words would be respected
You won’t laugh at me
My ideologies would be admired
Though I still thought you won’t believe me
But my mean temptation
Is in agony and search in vain
My self-respect has been crushed again!


First Chapter: Unwelcoming the Invitees

I am an expatriate
Living in the sand
My employer is hostile
It’s no more a barren land
Abundant glittering of gold
Shine of sprinkled stone
Blazing cruel sun
Remains the gift for the toiler
Only castle speaks the truth
Lie speaks the spoiler
Unfriendly religious sore
Brotherhood with gore
I live in the place
To get my bread and butter
But you keep me here
For the cumbersome chore
I deserve the respect
You lack admiration
This is my story
So I will utter
But with no butter!

It is entirely our fault. We go back home with a Rolex in wrist, original looking first copy of ray-ban on face and a fake smile of satisfaction. Aren’t we cheating people back home?

A witty and charming but an oppressed person. Who was standing in an unmoved queue, for the last 50 minutes finally uttered out the frustration.

Hearing his satire I looked at my attire, and not just me half of the people in queue had the similar deceptive appearance, except that mentioned smile which was now substituted by the right facial expression. Expression of aggravated fear.

About an hour ago the PIA aircraft had arrived on runway 10 minutes before its arrival time. And literally public had run towards the immigration/security clearance counters to try their fortunes. Those who were coming for the first time cursed nation and its impolite behavior. All others had no time to curse they just joined the marathon.

If the above narrations do not make sense to you then probably you have never visited the eastern airport in kingdom 🙂