The Blazing Sun: Racism Redefined

“Hey Ahmed! Can I please ask you something?”

“Sure Martin. Go ahead.”I replied.

And Martin asked. “Where are you from?”

Looking at Martin in a bit of confusion I told him that I was from Pakistan.

“Ah, too sad.” Martin sighed.

“Excuse me, what do you mean?” said I. I thought he was disturbed on knowing the country I was from. But guess what, he still asked me another question.

“But don’t you have another passport, may be from Australia, UK, US or Canada?”

“No Martin. I don’t. But why?” I was bewildered.

“This is the best place to work in. But only if you have a right passport.” Martin explained.

I didn’t really get that for the couple of days. But very quickly I learnt what Martin meant.

I knew that racism is the discrimination or intolerance of people of other races, but I learnt that people can be tolerant to other races, only if someone from the other race is ready to sacrifice its own culture, beliefs, heroes, attire and a bit of this and a lot of that. The best way a person can make this sacrifice and become part of the superior race is, by changing his nationality. Yes, the sacred passport. It defines and re-defines your pay scale, your living style, your respect, honor and esteem. It may also define if you deserve peace.

Well under the new belief system; racism is not always the color of your skin. It can be the color of your passport too.

I thought
Now I would be heard
Would be listened
Will be given
Will have the life
Will have the words to share
I can speak
Won’t be teased
Would be allowed
My words would be respected
You won’t laugh at me
My ideologies would be admired
Though I still thought you won’t believe me
But my mean temptation
Is in agony and search in vain
My self-respect has been crushed again!